Stripe Rust in Wheat

Posted April 27, 2016.

The April 22 K State Agronomy e-update shows that almost all counties directly to the south of Nebraska have reported stripe rust in the lower parts of the canopy. Our wet weather pattern is only helping this. This is almost triple the amount of counties reported in the April 1 report. For any wheat crop the most important thing is to protect the flag leaf which is starting to emerge or has emerged in some Nebraska fields. Once the flag leaf start to emerge we will want to ready for fungicide applications of Twinline® fungicide in wheat. Twinline’s active ingredients are very effective on stripe rust and provide post infection as well as residual control. The goal is to protect as much of the flag leaf as possible which is where a significant portion of yield comes from, so wait to begin applications until at least 50% of the flag leaf has emerged in a given field. If disease pressure is not present in the leaves below the flag leaf you may be able few more days to reach 100% flag leaf emergence for Twinline applications. Those spraying multiple fields will want to start with the first field to reach 50% and move to later emerging fields from there. Here is the April 22 K-State update.