Chemical Programs

Jim’s Agri-Air offers may chemical programs to help increase your yield.

John Deere Grow Smart Finance Advantage

BASF has teamed up with John Deere Financial to help protect you from rising or fluctuating interest rates by offering 0% financing* on all your crop protection purchases.

John Deere Financial Calculator

John Deere Grow Smart Planning Advantage

As part of BASF's Grow Smart Advantage, BASF supports growers throughout the planning process. BASF offers a special reward for early season planning or the opportunity to earn savings and support all season long when you purchase BASF fungicide product - Priaxor Fungicide and Healine AMP Fungicide.

ENROLL BY JANUARY 31, 2017 and may earn $100 for every enrolled gallon.

Zidua Pro Herbicide Resistance Management

Premium Residual Option herbicide for use in soybean:

  • Unique combination of 3 sites of action for broad-spectrum weed control
  • Superior control of waterhemp and Palmer amaranth
  • Powered by Kixor herbicide for fast and complete burndown
  • Convenient premix formulation with burndown and residual
  • Flexibility to spray before planting or plant and spray on the same day

Nirvana RTU

Nirvana RTU is a patented insecticide formlation that is specially designed to mix with liquid fertilizers. Nirvana RTU brings the two molecules (fertilizer and pesticide) and holds them together in a chemical bond.

UNIFORM - Uniformly disperses the fertilizer and pesticide in the soil profile resulting in more consistent control

POWERFUL - Reduced gentic trait resistance development by having a second mode of action against feeding pests. Controls wireworms, grubs, maggots, and other seeding pests.

COMPATIBLE - Mast compatible formulation for mixing with starter fertilizers. Simple, standard use rate when mixing fertilizer.

USE RATES - 3.4-6.8 ounces: Wireworm, grubs, seed corn maggot, stalk borer, root aphid, army cutworm, cutworm species, true armyworm, armyworm species, 8.5 ounces: corn rootworm larvae.

The 10-34-0 and products were mixed together on January 5th.