Will It Pay To Spay A Fungicide This Year?

Posted July 6, 2016.

2014 - check
2015 - check
2016 - check: YES!

A Case Study in Corn: Disease Control AND Plant Health in Corn A multi-hybrid (n=54) x fungicide trial was conducted in 2014 and 2015 at the BASF Midwest Research Farm in Seymour, IL. The primary treatment was Headline AMP (10 fl oz/A) at tassel (VT) compared to non-treated plots. Yield data, disease control and plant health data were collected for each hybrid.

Of the 54 hybrids tested each year, 26 of those hybrids were tested in both years. Of those, 25 showed a positive yield response to Headline AMP each year.

Whatever environmental conditions and disease pressure appear in a growing season, Headline AMP fungicide consistently protects yield potential by providing a combination of excellent disease control and plant health benefits.

Even in a year like 2014 with low disease pressure, Headline AMP fungicide increased yield by 11.5 bu/A, over a wide variety of corn hybrids, largely in part to Plant Health benefits beyond disease control.

In a year like 2015 with significant foliar disease pressure, Headline AMP fungicide is critical for disease control, but also Plant Health, increasing yields by 17.1 bu/A across the same number of hybrids.