Corn Fungicide Bit of the Week

Posted May 27, 2016.

What is anthracnose leaf blight? Anthracnose is caused by the fungusColletrotrichum graminicola that causes lesions on the lower leaves of corn.Anthracnose also causes a top die back and stalk rot which can cause significant yield loss. The mild winter of 2015/2016 coupled with high inoculum loads will be conducive to disease outbreaks of residue-borne pathogens in 2016 (if conditions are favorable for disease development). Anthracnose if favored by warm and prolonged wet weather.

Priaxor® fungicide controls early season diseases, such as anthranose, resulting in greater leaf productivity and photosynthesis, and positively impacting #Kernels/Ear(Rows/Ear x Kernels/Ear), the second yield component in the corn yield equation (Yield = Ears/A x Kernels/Ear x Weight/Kernel). For full season disease protection of anthracnose and other foliar diseases, apply Headline AMP® fungicide at VT-R3.

Benefits of Priaxor Fungicide Pre-Tassel:
· Consistent performance
· Proven plant health
· Longer lasting disease control

Use Directions for Priaxor Fungicide

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