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Posted July 3, 2018


Extended Grain Fill

Grain fill influences kernel number and weight. On average, can expect 1% yield increase for each day of extended grain fill. Headline AMP® Fungicide can extend grain fill by:
· Controlling diseases
· Improving growth efficiency
· Increasing stress tolerance

In 2016, in Seymour IL, in the absence of disease and stress, Headline AMP increased grain fill from 55 to 61 days, improving yield +10.7 bu/A.

Headline AMP® Fungicide Timing is Critical for Maximum Returns

On average, fungicide application at VT (tassel) has shown to provide the most consistent yield impact. Monitor crops and determine optimal fungicide application timing to maximize Plant Health during grain fill (V12 through R2). Consider current and upcoming:
· Disease development
· Environmental stress
· Opportunities to extend grain fill

Headline AMP® Fungicide Application Recommendations

· Recommended Application Timing: pre-tassel to R2
· Recommended Application Rate: 10 fl oz/A; Up to 14.4 fl oz/A under severe disease pressure

Ground & Aerial Application

An adjuvant may be used with Headline AMP fungicide prior to the V8 stage and after corn reaches the VT stage. Another fungicide or an insecticide may be included in the tank mix, if needed, and labeled for use on corn. * See label for adjuvant restrictions after the V8 stage and prior to the VT stage of corn growth.

Headline AMP® Fungicide Consistent Performance

Benefits of Headline AMP Fungicide
· Delivers the most yield at tassel (+12.5 bu/A avg over untreated)
· Best-in-class preventative and post-infection disease control
· Minimizes stress and improves stalk strength

Summary of all on-farm trials, 2010-2017 (n=559). Headline AMP was applied at 10 fl oz/A after VT. ROI determined based on $3.50/bu corn and $21/A cost of Headline AMP with application.

Best Use Recommendations:
· Use Rate: 10 to 14.4 fl oz/A
· Labeled Crops: Corn (all types)
· Aerial: 2 GPA minimum; Ground: 10 GPA minimum
· PHI: 20-days for field and popcorn grain; 7-days for seed and sweet corn
· REI: 12 hours
· Adjuvant flexible; however, see label for adjuvant restrictions after the V8 stage and prior to the VT stage of corn growth

Target Diseases:
· Anthracnose
· Eyespot
· Gray leaf spot
· Northern corn leaf blight
· Northern corn leaf spot
· Physoderma brown spot
· Rust, Southern and common
· Southern corn leaf blight
· Yellow leaf blight

Always read and follow label directions. Headline AMP is a registered trademark of BASF. Trivapro is a registered trademark of Syngenta Group Company. ©2018 BASF Corporation. All Rights Reserved.