Headline AMP® Is the Difference

Posted July 10, 2018


There are not too many decisions left – rotation, tillage, genetics, fertilizer, population, herbicides etc. are all locked in. What is out there now for this strong looking corn crop is the product of months of hard work and execution. Tassels are emerging across the fields. What else is there to go? On your end, there isn’t much – late-season micronutrients, insecticides, and/or irrigation are some elements that you still have control over. But don’t forget one of the most important – tassel fungicide applications. Aside from irrigation/precipitation, tassel fungicide applications would be next in line in importance of remaining decisions to be made. The reason behind irrigation and fungicide being number one and number two is based on yield impacts. Yield impacts means the corn crop is still deciding on a few things of its own – and, you have a say. Irrigation is straight-forward, water is essential now more than ever, and if you have that luxury it is number one. Tassel fungicide applications being number two is also straight-forward – when you are applying the best corn tassel fungicide available, Headline AMP.

As mentioned above, the corn crop still has yield to go, and Headline AMP can cover all of the remaining factors. Kernel weight is the direct yield factor left that the corn plant is determining, and, couple this with the indirect yield factor of stress and there is a high degree of risk left for the plant. These two factors go hand-in-hand, in order to increase kernel weight, stress must be mitigated. Stresses on the corn can come from weather (wind/hail/heat), nutrient deficiencies, and disease. All of these stresses can lead to quicker ‘drying down’ of the corn plant at the end of the season – which, if this occurs too quickly, results in kernel abortion (tip back), and reduced kernel fill (weight). The disease protection and Plant Health benefits from Headline AMP – including increased stalk strength, maximized photosynthesis, ‘stay green’, and efficient nutrient use – can combat all of the indirect yield factors of stress while also contributing to the direct yield factor of kernel weight. Year after year – regardless of moisture, disease pressure, and hybrid – Headline AMP has proven its value and delivered.

No matter how much has gone into each individual corn plant thus far, kernel weight and stress can leave your combine hopper wanting. With Headline AMP, you are still in control and can protect and impact your yields. Headline AMP is the difference between a good yield and a great yield and the difference between a significant ROI and barely hitting the black. And, overall, Headline AMP is the difference between questioning whether to apply a fungicide at tassel, and knowing exactly why you are applying a fungicide at tassel. See the below pictures of results from previous Headline AMP tassel applications.

Above, results from 2010 through 2013 are shown of Headline AMP tassel application performance. A yield increase of at least 11.7 bu/A was found, and, above each bar graph we see the U.S. Drought Monitor for the month of July of each year. All in all, moisture and disease may occur, but Plant Health with Headline AMP always occurs – and you can be prepared for both.