BASF Wheat 2015 Review

Let’s take a look back at 2015’s season to better prepare our wheat for this season.


Stripe Rust is one of the most aggressive, destructive, and yield limiting diseases in wheat. Let’s take a look back at 2015’s Stripe Rust Outbreak to better prepare our wheat for this season….


In 2015, Stripe Rust ran rampant across the majority of wheat acres in the US, infecting crops from coast to coast. These outbreak observations were made by the USDA-ARS on June 5th, 2015.


The wide-spread outbreak was fueled by ideal conditions and prevailing winds moving Stripe Rust spores over a great distance in a short time. This wind map from June 2nd, 2015 shows trade-winds blowing northward from areas of severe Stripe Rust epidemic into the High Plains.


Wheat yields suffered historic losses from the 2015 Stripe Rust Outbreak. Areas of Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado lost an estimated 25% of yield due to the disease! In many cases, a proactive fungicide application could have limited these losses…


When it comes to managing Stripe Rust or any other wheat disease, it’s all about paying attention to the current conditions. When conditions look favorable for disease outbreak, then a proactive application of a foliar fungicide is warranted to protect your crop’s yield potential.


The long-term El Niño forecast calls for cooler, wetter conditions across much of the US wheat acres, creating ideal conditions for Stripe Rust development and infection.


In fact, USDA-ARS has already confirmed Stripe Rust infections in several key states.


Coupled with the current wind patterns (March 7, 2016) and weather conditions, wide-spread Stripe Rust outbreaks may repeat similar to 2015. Are your fields prepared?


Be Proactive! Protect your wheat from disease BEFORE infections occur with a preventative application of Priaxor® Fungicide. Priaxor® Fungicide is a combination of Headline® and Xemium® fungicides, which together provide better disease control, longer residual, and proven Plant Health benefits.


If Stripe Rust is already reported in your area, trust your fields to the proven performance of Twinline® Fungicide. Twinline® Fungicide provides preventative and post-infection disease control by combining Headline® and Caramba® fungicides.




Under severe Stripe Rust pressure, multiple fungicide applications can make a BIG difference! A pre-joint application of Priaxor® Fungicide followed by Twinline® Fungicide at flagleaf may be necessary to prevent Stripe Rust reinfections and protect your crop’s yield potential.


To learn more about how to protect your wheat from Stripe Rust and other foliar diseases, be sure to contact your authorized BASF retailer or local BASF representative for more information on Priaxor® and Twinline® Fungicides.